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YoungDLane Learning Solutions is based in the beautiful Austin, Texas.

YoungDLane Learning Solutions
1108 Lavaca Street, Suite 110-467
Austin, Texas 78701-2210

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We truly enjoy serving your online Cosmetology CE needs. If you need help with one of your courses, the best way to receive assistance is through email or by filling out the form on the right.

Please email us at

You can also reach us by text message or by voice at 512-814-6540.

YoungDLane Learning is a Texas-based mom and pop company. Just like many of our students, we have regular jobs during the day and can generally only return phone calls from 6pm to 10pm Monday – Friday. We truly do care about all of our students and will do our best to take care of all of you. Thank you for your patience.

You can always write us a letter at:
1108 Lavaca Street, Suite 110-467
Austin, Texas 78701-2210

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